Scoring Organizer and MAC have taken a much needed retirement!

The Scoring Organizer and MHS Online Assessment Center (MAC) have been retired and can no longer be accessed.

Our products and solutions can be found on our new and improved portals, the MHS Online Assessment Center+ (MAC+), the Talent Assessment Portal (TAP), and the MHS GIFR Electronic Assessment and Reporting System (GEARS).

For customers of the Matrix-Predictive Uniform Law Enforcement Selective Evaluation (M-PULSE), MHS has transferred M-PULSE ownership to Matrix Inc.
info_outlineEffective January 1, 2023, any inquiries or feedback regarding the M-PULSE should be directed to Matrix Inc. at +1 225-216-9422 or

Have questions? Check out our Scoring Organizer Retirement FAQ and MAC Retirement FAQ.

Learn more about our portals: MAC+, TAP, and GEARS

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