How to conduct a local administration

In some cases, you will want to conduct a local administration, where the rater sits down at your computer and completes the assessment.


To conduct a local administration

  1. Select the Local Administration icon for a product. This could be on the Express Launcher page or a product landing page.

    A list of available forms appears.

  2. Select a form by clicking Select in the right column.

    A list of clients appears.

  3. Select a client by clicking the checkbox to the left of their name.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Review the client information.

    If there is a mistake, you can correct it on this page. Note that any changes you make will be applied to the client's information on the My Clients page.

  6. Click Save. (Note that you need to click Save to proceed, even if you haven't changed the client information).

  7. Click Start Now to begin the assessment.

    The selected form opens. Allow the client or rater to enter their responses.

Note: When you click Start Now, the system will automatically log you out of the assessment portal. This is a safety precaution to ensure that nobody can access your assessment account.