This topic provides general information on customizing the report template. For information on customizing specific reports, click a product icon on the Home page and use the product-specific help.


Customizing the report template

Although you can use the default report template, you can also create and save a customized template that you can reuse with other participants.

Note: The following procedure applies to an EQ-i report. While the customization process is similar across all products, not all products include the norms, report options, and add-ons described below.


To create your own report template

  1. On the Select a report template page, select Create a New Template from the Template drop-down menu.

  2. Type a name for your template in the Template Name text box.

  3. Enter a short description of your template in the Template Description text box.

  4. If applicable, select a Norm Region from the Norm Region drop-down menu.

  5. If applicable, select a Norm Type from the Norm Type drop-down menu.

  6. Select a Language for the report from the drop-down menu.

  7. To add a report title (such as your company name), type the title in the Report Title text boxes.

The participant name and date are automatically shown on the cover. You don't need to enter them into the text box.

  1. To insert your company logo onto the cover page:

  1. If applicable, decide which options you want to include in the new template. Click On to display an option, or Off to not display an option in the report text.

  2. Select whether or not to include a Scored Dataset or another Add-on to your report. Note that including these options will increase the price of your report.

  3. Click Save Changes when you have finished your modifications.

    Your new template name now displays as on option in the Template drop-down menu. To re-use the template at a later date, select it from the Template drop-down menu.