This topic will help you use the security setting in the open invitation. It only applies to users of the EQ-i Higher Ed and the Entrepreneurial Edge. Other assessments do not require these security settings.


Using the security settings

If you have selected YES to automatic generation of the Higher Ed Summary Report, or the Intrapreneurial Report, and you want to use the Open Invitation, you need to be aware of the following security risks:

To help prevent unauthorized use of the open invitation, MHS strongly suggests that you complete both of the following security options.


Option 1: Report limit

The report limit allows you to enter a numerical limit for the number of reports that can be generated from the open invitation link.

After this number is reached, participants will still be able to complete the assessment, but no further reports will be automatically generated. In this case, you will be notified via email that assessments are waiting to be scored. You will then have the option of deactivating the link, or continuing to allow participants to complete the assessment via the link.
To set a report limit:
  1. Enter the limit number in the text box.

  2. Enter the contact name and email address of the individual to receive email notification that the limit has been reached..


Option 2: Email domain

The email domain allows you to enter the domain most closely associated with your school or company. If this domain isn't entered by the participant at the start of the assessment, they will not be allowed to continue.

The domain name is everything that appears in an email address after the @ symbol. For example, in, the domain is

When distributing the invitation link, make sure you tell participants that they must enter this email domain in order to take the assessment.


To use the email domain:

  1. Enter the email domain into the text box.

    Ensure that the domain name you enter is correct. If you enter an incorrect domain, legitimate participants will be unable to complete the assessment.