This topic will help you to email reports to participants. For information on generating reports, click here.


Emailing reports

If you want to send the reports to participants, the easiest option is to use the Email Reports feature. Please note that this feature is only for individual reports, not Group Reports.

Participants must have an email address associated with their listing before you can use this feature. If any participants do not have an email address, go to the Manage page and add an email address to their participant details.


To email reports

  1. On the Report page, click the My Reports tab.

    The My Reports page appears.

  2. Select the checkboxes to the left of the reports you want to email to participants.

    Note that only reports with a status of Completed can be emailed. If any reports are listed as Archived, they must first be regenerated before they can be sent.

  3. Click Email Reports.

    A pop-up message confirms that the emails were sent out.

The participants will each receive an email with a customized link. Clicking this link opens a web page where they can download their report.

The email will be sent to participants from If you want to have the email come from your account, follow these directions.


The report link in the email will only be valid for thirty days from when it was sent. Clicking the link after that time will result in an error message. Therefore, participants should be encouraged to download their report before these thirty days have passed.