This topic will help you manage raters. Ony multi-rater assessments, such as the EQ360, involve raters in the assessment of a participant.

For information on managing open invitations, click here. For information on managing individual participants, click here.


Managing raters - overview

The Manage tab allows you to check whether or not the invited raters have completed the assessment. It also allows you to modify rater information and nominate additional raters.

To manage your rater records

  1. Select Manage from the menu on the left.

    The Manage page opens.

  2. Click the Raters tab at the top of the table.

    A table appears with a list of invited raters and participants. The names are paired together, with the rater's name on the left and the participant's name on the right.

  3. To perform an action (e.g., sending reminders), select a command from the I would like to... drop-down menu.


To edit a rater's details

  1. Locate the rater's listing on the raters page.

  2. Click the rater's name or the name of the associated participant.

    The Participant Details page appears.

  1. Click the Raters tab.

    All of the raters for that participant are displayed.

  2. Click the name of the rater you want to modify.

    The details for that rater are displayed.

  3. Edit the rater's name and email address by entering data in the appropriate text box.

  1. To change the rater's relationship to the participant, select a different rater type from the relationship drop-down menu.

  2. Click Save Changes to save changes to the rater.

    The Edit Rater screen closes.

  3. Click Save Changes to finalize your changes.


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