This topic will help you send reminders to specific participant to complete the assessment. For information on sending reminders to all pending participants, click here.


Sending reminders to a participant

Participants with a status of pending have been invited to take the assessment but have not yet completed it.

To send a reminder email to specific participants to complete the assessment, follow the instructions below. To send a reminder to all of the pending participants, follow the instructions here.


To send an email reminder to specific participants

  1. Click the Assessments tab.

  2. Select the check box to the left of the participants that you want to send a reminder to. The participants should have a status of Pending.

  3. Select Send Reminders to Selected from the I would like to... drop-down menu.

    The Email Reminder text appears.

  1. Make any required changes to the email by typing directly in the text box. Do not delete the <Link> variable. If you do, the participant might not receive a link to take the assessment.

  2. When you are satisfied with your email, click Send Reminder Now.

  3. A pop-up message confirms that the reminder was sent. Click Done to close the message.