This topic will help you create an open invitation. For information on using the personal invitation, click here.


Using the open invitation

The open invitation allows you to generate an assessment link that can be distributed to multiple participants. It is the best choice if you do not know the participants' email addresses, or if you do not want to send personalized invitations.


To begin the open invitation process

  1. Click Invite in the left menu.

    The Inviting Participants page appears.

  2. Click Open Invitation.

    The Settings page appears.

  1. Select the language you want to generate the assessment in.

  1. Enter a name for your invitation.

  2. Organize your invitations into a folder. You can do this by either:

  1. To track assessment completion, enter Notification settings.

  2. To set the invitation link to expire, enter Link Expiry settings.

  3. Click Next to proceed to the Review page.