This topic will help you use the personal invitation for an assessment. For information on the open invitation, click here. For information on inviting raters for a multi-rater assessment, click here.


Using the personal invitation

The personal invitation process allows you to invite participants to complete an assessment by entering their email addresses (either a few at a time or by uploading them from a list), then customizing an email in which they’ll see a unique link to take the assessment online.


To begin the personal invitation process

  1. Click Invite in the left menu.

    The Inviting Participants page appears.

  2. Click Personal Invitation.

    The Organize participant page appears.

  1. Select the language you want to generate the invitation instructions and assessment in.
  1. Organize your participants into a folder. You can do this by either:

  1. Type your participant's Email Address, First Name, and Last Name in the indicated text boxes.

Some products allow you to enter an ID instead of a participant's name. You can learn more about IDs here.

  1. Click Add Participant.

    The name and email address of the participant appears in the invitation list.

  1. Continue entering the email addresses and names of your participants. When you are finished, click Next to proceed to the Create Email page.


NOTE: All participants entered into the same invitation list will also be organized into the same folder and will be sent the same invitation email. To assign participants to a different folder and/or have them receive a different invitation email, enter the participants into another invitation list.