This topic will help you nominate raters. Only multi-rater assessments, such as the EQ360, involve raters.

For information on inviting participants, click here.


Nominating raters

In a multi-rater assessment, such as the EQ 360, you invite raters as part of the invitation process. These raters then receive an email wih a link to the online assessment. When they complete the assessment, they are not answering the items to rate their own behavior, but rather to rate the behavior of the participant.

During the invitation process, you invite raters on the Rater Nomination page after you have entered the names of the participants. The Rater Nomitation page breaks the process down into three steps:

  1. Nominate raters, either by uploading the raters from a list or entering them one at a time. When nominating raters, it is important to ensure that they are assigned to the correct rater group.

  2. Create an invitation email to send to the raters. You can use the default text, or customize your own invitation template.

  3. Decide whether or not to allow participants to nominate their own raters.

  4. When you are finished, click Next to add custom questions to the rater assessment.


It is not necessary to nominate raters during the invitation process. Both administrators and participants can nominate new raters at any point in the process up to a period of 6 weeks after the self-report has been scored.